When you decide to decorate your house walls with paintings, it best if you get paintings directly from the artist. There are many outlets with similar paintings but purchasing from the owner comes with amazing benefits. This article will discuss some of the advantages of buying paintings from the owner. Read on.

Original and Unique Painting

colors, painterThis is the only place where you can get original art pieces. You can present your idea to the artist, and they will make something unique for you. You will not be worried maybe your friends or family already have that painting when that time comes. Many physical and online stores advertise original paintings but sell duplicates. Reproductions do not have the original artistic value.

It might be difficult locating the original artist or even identifying original work. You can google the artist’s name and see what information you will get from them. If the seller is the owner of the work, you will find that their contact information is availed, they have a website, and that they have carried out shows and exhibitions before.

The Painting Is Created with Care

Real life artist spends a lot of time and energy on a composition. The end product will be of the right size, color, and composition. The number of times an artist works on a piece of work before it is released to the public brings a huge difference. Original art is worked on for more than five times and might take a month to complete it. If you make an order and your production is done within 20 minutes, it is a reproduction. Looking at it carefully, you will realize that it is missing important details and depth.

Better Services

A professional artist will have answers to all your questions. They will give you detailed and informative answers. They will have all details relating to materials, designs, maintenance and any other concern you might have. The artist will be more than willing to create a unique piece with your design and colors. Some offer free transport as well.

Affordable Prices

artwork, artistPaintings bought directly from the artist are cheaper compared to those being resold. The painter is not paying for any gallery spaces nor are they out to make abnormal profits. There are no commissions as well, and the fact that there are no intermediaries makes the painting cheap compared to those from online resellers.