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Tips on Hiring A Limo for Your Special Event

Imagine making a grand entrance in a limo. There is no better way to make your special day extra special than making an entrance in a limo. A limo speaks luxury, and it is an excellent choice to help you remember the day for a long time.

Limos are rented on an hourly basis, and they are the best for short term trips. When you rent a limo, you get the luxury and special treatment without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Size of The Limo

limosWhen hiring a limo, it is essential to consider the size of the limo. The size of the limo will depend on the number of people who will be using the limo. If it is just you and your partner, you might not need a very big limo.

On the other hand, if you are planning to get a limo that you can use for your wedding or bridal shower, you might need to get a big one. Today we have limos that are as big as party buses when it comes to capacity.


It is also advisable to consider the rates when renting a limo. Most of the time you will be required to pay hourly rates for the limo. If you are planning to use the limo for a long time, try and negotiate for the best deal possible.

There are many limo companies so you might be required to make a comparison to come up with the best deal. The rate of the limo will also depend on the size and the type of limo that you want to rent.

Special Features

Every limo company has unique features. When hiring a limo company, it is advisable to consider the features that they offer. We have companies that will offer you security entourage when you rent a limo.

There are also companies that will offer you free drinks on the limo package. These are small details that make a difference when hiring a limo company.


Pick Up and Drop Off Point

When looking for a limo service, it is essential to consider the pickup and drop off point. You need to make sure that you look for a limo service near your location. You might save a lot of costs when you choose a limo service that is near where you live or where you are going.…

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Choosing the Right Car Ramp

One of the things you need to have in your garage is a car ramp. Having a car ramp is important for repair and inspection of your car even if you are not a professional mechanic. It helps to place your car on an elevated platform, hence making it easy to work on whatever you need to repair. With the wide variety of options for car ramps, it becomes hard to choose the best. The following are some essential considerations for getting the best service car ramps.

Weight Limit

lady under a car on ramp

Manufacturers usually express the weight limit of the car ramps in pounds or kilograms. You need to think about your car and ensure that the car ramp you choose will handle your vehicle. Try as much as possible to go for a ramp with a high weight limit, meaning it will accommodate many types of cars without breaking.


The first step is to go online and read reviews from other people. There are a lot of positive reviews. When there are a lot of people who are satisfied with the ramps you choose, chances are you will be happy with the car ramp you buy too. Their experiences and insights will make it easy to narrow down your possibilities. You, however, have to be careful with fake reviews and discerning enough to know which reviews are genuine.

Safety Features

You also should not forget to check out the features that will you guarantee safety. One important feature is to have the grooves on the surface or something that allows the tires’ grip to be strong. This prevents the car from accidentally sliding when you are working on it. Additionally, it is necessary to have the ramp that comes with a non-slip bottom to avoid any sliding incidences.

Your Vehicle

yellow carYou also need to consider your vehicle when deciding which ramp will suit your best needs. If you have a heavy and large car, then ensure the ramp can support its weight. This is vital to ensure the material will not crack due to much pressure.

Besides, if the vehicle is low profile, you should choose a ramp which will be perfect for it. In such a ramp, the incline usually is more gradual and longer. This allows you to work beneath the car without worrying that its parts are touching the surface.

Materials Used

It is necessary that you evaluate the materials used to make the ramp as this will have an impact on the overall quality of your car ramp. Resin, metal, and plastic are some of the most common materials used to make car ramps. Resin and plastic can be flimsy, but they are good since they are lightweight. Metal, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It is a durable material but heavy.


The incline of the ramp, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty and the ease of use, will help you when determining the car ramp to purchase. A car ramp is essential for any car owner, and you have to get the right one for your needs. Consider these factors to get the best car ramp.…